Sunday, June 5, 2011

4 Giugno 2011

- hong kong -

Sham Shui Po, during the market time. I know very well this place, 
it's a typical market, there are a lot in the world like this: Intense, loaded.
You can have a lot of moment to choose, to catch. I was just looking for some faces, some
typical citizen to print on my memory for ever. I could not, i was sure, noone wanted to be catched last saturday,  some faces were tried to stole by me without any result.
I remember her. She was close to the crossway, selling shoes (used shoes and other unusless stuff).
I really do not remember she was a shoot of mine, i'm pretty sure i have not made this pic.
But i did.
 She's amazing. She looks like the dark lady, perhaps she knows her and asks some years more. The sight is from a soul that knows the end, without any fear or any kind of expression.

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