Tuesday, November 1, 2011

23 Ottobre

- Ho Chi Minh -

Ok, I admit I shouldn't be impressed for theese kind of things, on my trips I've seen so much...
Honestly, I've never seen a barber like this, in the really middle of a sidewalk, near nothing, with a little mirror and two chairs: One for the costumer, one for the next one.
I was almost posting a pic from the floating market reportage i made, that was amazing, but this was a bigger impact for me and less usual, I cannot explain but i had to share this shoot that now is also in my job gallery too.
More, I can give you the link for my travel reportage on the Can tho's Cai Rang Floatin market, the biggest of Mekong:
trust me, see it don't miss it, it's short but really beautiful.

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