Monday, August 29, 2011

25 Agosto.

- Phuket -

This is the sea now in thailand, or better the only sea i've found during my trip. It's always raining and
when i've changed location (two times) the say to me: "It was nice 'till two days ago" (utt two days ago it wasn't nice, just cloudy instead of rainy). So i've decided to leave for coming back later, when the sun will shine on this reign's jewels.

Monday, August 22, 2011

19 Agosto

-  hua hin -

Go to Thailand and doesn't see this show as far as i'm concerned is foolish!
Also 'cause i was a fan of Muay Thai (I practized it for two years).
The Hua hin Muay Thai Garden is amazing: Little, dirty and so cool. It's really the place where i wanted to go to see this show. If you are interested to see more shoot of that night (it was my first time in a garden, so few photo are decent, see here:

See ou next week for a beautifull picture of this amazing conuntry.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

12 Agosto

- hong kong -

I have litterally to say goodbye to Hong Kong. So i've chosed to do this with my last shot on this town.
I was looking for a coloured sunset, but the day was quite cloudy and the sun was covered, so it will be an HDR (hi-dynamic range) photo to let our go away form this amazing beloved city. A view of the port from the International Commerce Center, the 4th highest skyscraper in this poor world (to be honest in HK the world doesn't see so poor.. :) ).  See you from thailand folks. Next destination Hua Hin.

Monday, August 8, 2011

8 Agosto

- hong kong -

Usually i only post photos of the week on monday, but today there is an exeption cause i cannot wait one week to post this, and it cannot be my final photo for Hong Kong so... After a life viewing cartoons, stickers, pelouches, toys, bags, everything with a panda shape
finally i've seen one of them. A real one. It was a wonderfull experience. It's so funny and nice, it's an amazing animal, it seems human sometimes, in some behaviour of its. Eating bamboo it's like it was laughing of joy. I'm really happy i could enjoy this spectacular animal before leaving china. I'm moving at the end of the week to Thailnd. It will be "Travel 2.0"...