Monday, December 26, 2011

21 dicembre

- Koh Phi Phi Doh -

You can see here Koh Phi Phi Doh (from the viewpoint of this island), the major of the two Phi Phi sisters. A really beautifulisland that year after year is getting worst for the tourism. 
On the left you an see the little sister Phi Phi Ley,  where you can find Maya bay, the very famous beach. I have not a shot from there, first because if you want to have one you have to choose to take a picture of a beach full of people, boats, offshore... You cannot have a magic shot tha this wonderful beach deserve. Second I was there swimming from my boat... :P  

Monday, December 19, 2011

18 dicembre

- Andaman sea -

First I've to apologize to have missed the last week publication, but I was very sick for a flou, and i did not shot. This week I've started a new adventure, and also if I never put here pics shooted with a simple compact camera, this time I had to do it, cause I'm studing to became a submarine photographer too and to start I had to use a little canon ixus rented on the diving shop ( I promise that i will buy an underwater case for my 7D). This is a shoot from the end of my first wreck diving, one of the most beautiful and emotional days of my life. I've to say thak you to my instructor Jey and to the Viking Diviers School of Koh Phi Phi.

Monday, December 5, 2011

29 Novembre

- Koh Samet -

I was in Koh Samet few days, quite disappointing if you think you are in Thailand.
Ok, it's a nice place, nice sea, nice beaches, but here, in this country you can expolre real havens,
so to visit this island can be a waste of time. This is a picture from the wonderful fiore show you can see in front of one of the restaurant on the beach every night. It's very night and if u made the bad choice to come here, it's stupid to miss it. I'm going to show you something else too from this night, i'm really proud of this work:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

24 Novembre

- Bangkok -

How is possible to do not show the most popular transport
in Bangkok. Every turist will take at least one time the typical 
tuk tuk. They are wonderful, pimped up, coloured... and dangesous.
Yes, dangerous, the only real annoyance you can have in this town comes form the tuk tuk drivers 
always ready to do a new trick to take your money. Never trust them, always fix the real price before and only take it to reach a point: Never do tours, never other kind of journey. One time you have to try it or if you really need it cause there is no other transoprt (it's the most expensive transport in Bangkok

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

20 Novembre

Bye Bye
- Hanoi-

Is it enough? See you next time 'Nam. YOu was a great palce,
and this railway in the centre of you capital is the best way to show 
i'm going away for another place.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

11 Novembre

- Halong bay -

11-11-11 is the day when the seven most beautiful places in the world were been selected.
I'm not agree with some of them, but for sure i have to agree with the Halong Bay selection.
Acutlly, for the fate, i've shooted this pic in that really day, funny.
Untill now this is my best place all over the world, the images cannot explain well everything, because here is too much. You MUST come and enjoy the paradise. Not? Your're lost.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

4 Novembre

- Mui Ne -

Does it seems to you an harbour before an old battle? I had this impression
when i was there. Look to the strange little rounded boat on the beach (very tpical in Vientnam), they look like support boats for the battleships on the water ready to go. 
Of course, it's just the fisherman village's harbour of Mui ne.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

23 Ottobre

- Ho Chi Minh -

Ok, I admit I shouldn't be impressed for theese kind of things, on my trips I've seen so much...
Honestly, I've never seen a barber like this, in the really middle of a sidewalk, near nothing, with a little mirror and two chairs: One for the costumer, one for the next one.
I was almost posting a pic from the floating market reportage i made, that was amazing, but this was a bigger impact for me and less usual, I cannot explain but i had to share this shoot that now is also in my job gallery too.
More, I can give you the link for my travel reportage on the Can tho's Cai Rang Floatin market, the biggest of Mekong:
trust me, see it don't miss it, it's short but really beautiful.

Monday, October 24, 2011

20 Ottobre

- Jakarta -

I was in Jakarta for two more unespected days. I made 
a mistake with the visa to enetr in Vietnam.
I remember the firt time i missed the amazing local traffic 'cause holiday.
From a 9th floor of a mall i had all this under my sight. The last remember of indonesian capital.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

15 Ottobre

- Ubud -

This is the temple of Gunung Kawi, one of the most beautiful pleace i've never seen. A little river, the Pakrisan, runs down this wonderful hidden valley between rice terraces, where around 1000 years ago a wonderful indu temple was built up from a King: It's also called the valley of the Kings. It's really a pleace that you cannod miss if your are travelling here: To miss it is a deadly sin, trust me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

6 Ottobre

- Air -

I'm in an island, little, very little. There is nothing, more or less, at all. U can find a lot to take a photo, but you have to follow the nature, it' unusual to find something more interesintg for me. This was a great spot... I never saw a spinning top maker. He spend all his day building up spinning tops with his father, and than hours to try them, to fix them, improving them. Nice tale to listen with the eyes.
I apologize for my usual engish mistakes... :)
See you next week. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

29 Settembre

- Air -

Nothing than a Fish Eye is better to see the sea.

I choose to take this photo 'cause the water is the element that make me feel litterally sorrounded, also more than the air. Actually, this is the ironic destiny of the water that in indonesian is called Air, the name of my paradise.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

23 Settembre


Sorry forthe late, but hte connection here is not from the top list.
This is just another sunset in my life, but hte first behind a volcano.
A real orange syk was painted in front of me: this is a paradise, maybe not lost but so
tangible... Amazing Indonesia.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

16 Settembre

- Trawangan -

I'm in a little island now, an Indonesian one.
Something spectacular, trust me. How can i describe a really beautifull little island (really really little) withoutn any kind of motor?
I have no word, maybe this pic can do it for me. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2 + 9 Settembre

I couldn't post photos this two week 'cause the connection eas really weak.
Not is a little bit better here, so i'm going to post tow pics already showed in my facebook photo page,
one per missed week, about Jakarta and JogJakarta.

- Jogjakarta -

Jogjakarta, or Jogja for everybody, is a little Jakarta, also called the Sexy City from some citizens of it. The same Givanese soul, that can look like more dangerous, more "bad" here, but is just appareances. Nice people you can find in the deep veins close the river.
This is a rooster breeder. Here the roosters are wild for nature, always with a scary
sight, and i can be cynic telling this, but the are incredibly tasty...

- Jakarta -

I do not konw if this was a photography perfect moment, all I know is that was perfect around me and
 in that really moment, this "cab" just was passing by full of children smailing and shouting for us, just because a foreginer are there. 
Batavia, the historical old city of Jakarta, now is an area inside the city that reflect the soul of this country. The people in Giava are really nice and smily. Different from what i'll find in Bali when the souls of the people was broken by Dollar God brought it teher from tan hi-level turism.
Jakarta is different, Jakarta is real

Monday, September 5, 2011

29 Agosto

- kuala lumpur - 

Kuala Lumpur was not a nice place for me. I've also wrote it in my blog stories,
it's a city that already oretend to be western, without having anything at all of western.
It's not an amazing wonderful skyscraper to make you western. The petronas tower are the 5th highest skyscraper in the world, but the city is one of the most dirty i've ever seen, you will hard find a taxi (teksi) that want to use the meter, they really love to stole you money without any kind of shame (at least in west the stole your proble, but in a smart way...). The only to things i loved of this town was the petronas, the batu caves, and my hostel, because i've found two nice friend. Actually now i'm in Jakarta flying toward Yojgiakarta in an amazing couchsurfing experience. Trust me Indonesia is another world! Jakarta do not want to be western, Jakarta can be not so beautiful, but is jakarta, with its own soul.

I made a reportage of this town, the picture that you can see is the first one. You can see all of them (not so many) here:

Monday, August 29, 2011

25 Agosto.

- Phuket -

This is the sea now in thailand, or better the only sea i've found during my trip. It's always raining and
when i've changed location (two times) the say to me: "It was nice 'till two days ago" (utt two days ago it wasn't nice, just cloudy instead of rainy). So i've decided to leave for coming back later, when the sun will shine on this reign's jewels.

Monday, August 22, 2011

19 Agosto

-  hua hin -

Go to Thailand and doesn't see this show as far as i'm concerned is foolish!
Also 'cause i was a fan of Muay Thai (I practized it for two years).
The Hua hin Muay Thai Garden is amazing: Little, dirty and so cool. It's really the place where i wanted to go to see this show. If you are interested to see more shoot of that night (it was my first time in a garden, so few photo are decent, see here:

See ou next week for a beautifull picture of this amazing conuntry.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

12 Agosto

- hong kong -

I have litterally to say goodbye to Hong Kong. So i've chosed to do this with my last shot on this town.
I was looking for a coloured sunset, but the day was quite cloudy and the sun was covered, so it will be an HDR (hi-dynamic range) photo to let our go away form this amazing beloved city. A view of the port from the International Commerce Center, the 4th highest skyscraper in this poor world (to be honest in HK the world doesn't see so poor.. :) ).  See you from thailand folks. Next destination Hua Hin.

Monday, August 8, 2011

8 Agosto

- hong kong -

Usually i only post photos of the week on monday, but today there is an exeption cause i cannot wait one week to post this, and it cannot be my final photo for Hong Kong so... After a life viewing cartoons, stickers, pelouches, toys, bags, everything with a panda shape
finally i've seen one of them. A real one. It was a wonderfull experience. It's so funny and nice, it's an amazing animal, it seems human sometimes, in some behaviour of its. Eating bamboo it's like it was laughing of joy. I'm really happy i could enjoy this spectacular animal before leaving china. I'm moving at the end of the week to Thailnd. It will be "Travel 2.0"...

Sunday, July 31, 2011

26 Luglio

- dubai -

The Burj Khalifa od Dubai is the highest scayscraper in the world. The highest thing never built up from the mankind, it's the real babel tower. 829 meter are something really impressive and when you are at its bottom you cannot understand the powerfull of this mountain (think a hill start  to be a mountain at 600m), because the prospective tricks you at all. You should be very far to seee its magnificent or be at the top or on a chopter. It's unbelivable, u can understan something seeing the few others skyscrapers close to HIM. They looks like little normal building. It will be the first for loooong time, someone says forever, but forever is a stupid word. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

15 luglio

Sorry for the late. I'm going to post the shoot of missing week. This really week will be the one going to miss.

- hong kong -
In most of the kitchen of this town the gas is missing. Usually tehy use the electricity instead the gas, at least for private house.  So you can see around the city a lot of bikers with this kind of bicycle "pimped up" for this job. This happen also because the gas is not very requested for this people. They love to go for dining outside, and the kitchens are often a little corner to warm up your take away food or to boil instant noodles. We know the prices are different, and to have a dine outside can be cheap almost like having one at youre place. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

10 Luglio

LEI YUE MUN Seafood District
- hong kong -

There is an amazing village in Hong Kong, is Lei Yue Mun, is considered just a district (a seafood one) of course, but is a real village, with the house, a market, playgrouds and temple. Is a village of fishermans and if u go is a thing very easy to understand. Easy life inside, ruins everywhere, boats and the signs of the sea everywhere. Here a particoular angle for a fisherman boxer.
If you like it you can see my complete reportage at this link:

Monday, July 4, 2011

3 Luglio

ABERDEEN PORT (Hong Kong Tsai)
- hong kong -

This is just a fisherman between big fishing boat in Aberdeen Port. I made a little reportage here (you can see it on flikr at
I choose this foto because i loved aberdden port. This is the real hong kong. Why?
Because Since the "Ming Dynasty" was the real name of this vilalge that in chinese means "porfumed port.  During the firsts years of XIX century, the name of the village was confused with the name of the whole isalnd by the foreigner travellers landed here. When they discovered the mistake, some years later, was too late because Hong Kong by now was the common name used fot the island, so in 1845 the vilalge took tha name of Hamilton Gordon, IV conte di Aberdeensecretary of state of war and colonies.
By the way, if you go to hong kong i suggest to take one of the little boat and make a tour around the port, it'is no an amazing adventure, but it's nice and u can take good picture and it's quite cheap. Something different form the big sascrapers and the monasters. Don't forget to see my reportage if you like photos!!!! See you the next week

Monday, June 27, 2011

24 Giugno

- hong kong -

I 'm honest with you, any kind religion have a big charm on me athough i'm a true beliver.
I'm a christian, but i feel a great respect for the rest. I never found a religion or a sincretism that had not generate in me a deep interest. Every time i see a different pray, a new ritual, i'm litteraly catched.
I'm tryijg to communicate my feelings towards this image. I know it's something very hard. I'll keep on trying.

Monday, June 20, 2011

18 Giugno

- hong kong -

I'm really far from home, I've to consider this. I've to remember.
This place is so suitable to me that i forget very easly to be careful, i've to consider the world around me is not the same of my real place. I'm a street photographer, sometimes for job needs i can be... "glamour", not at all a naturalist, this "friend" let me change some thoughts, maybe i can dicover new things, paying attention and buying a new macro lens...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

12 Giugno

- hong kong -
Sorry for the italian...
Ma so stanco...
Niente di sensazionale, solo che la vista di Hong Kong da the Peak è non solo bella, ma importante, perché ti fa rendere conto della globalità di questa città. La terrazza che ti permette di avere questa vista è sempre affollata, tutti i giorni. Giorno notte. Senza pausa. Un eterno andirivieni di turisti e locali.
Expats & Hongkongers uniti da una curiosità che non viene appagata e si rinnova. La città è sempre quella, magari ogni volta con un grattacielo in più, ma non si è mai sazi di questa vista.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

4 Giugno 2011

- hong kong -

Sham Shui Po, during the market time. I know very well this place, 
it's a typical market, there are a lot in the world like this: Intense, loaded.
You can have a lot of moment to choose, to catch. I was just looking for some faces, some
typical citizen to print on my memory for ever. I could not, i was sure, noone wanted to be catched last saturday,  some faces were tried to stole by me without any result.
I remember her. She was close to the crossway, selling shoes (used shoes and other unusless stuff).
I really do not remember she was a shoot of mine, i'm pretty sure i have not made this pic.
But i did.
 She's amazing. She looks like the dark lady, perhaps she knows her and asks some years more. The sight is from a soul that knows the end, without any fear or any kind of expression.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

27 maggio 2011

- hong kong -

I do not like to comment other religions, 'cause I'm a beliver,
just she was earning something from this ritual. Money n religion are not suitable together but...
the moment was beautiful, under a bridge, in a dark corner close to the street.
Just see...

23 Maggio 2011

Form Roma to Hong Kong via Moscow

Why starting with a sunset? Cause i would like to start from my really first moment.

The really first moment is this, the first image that caught my attention: someone used to say that the end can be considered a fresh begin. I hope. I want a new begin, my travel will be very long, two or three months for step (with some very fast journey). The sunset was amazing to me, i felt the need to share. I hope u can enjoy it like i did.