Monday, September 5, 2011

29 Agosto

- kuala lumpur - 

Kuala Lumpur was not a nice place for me. I've also wrote it in my blog stories,
it's a city that already oretend to be western, without having anything at all of western.
It's not an amazing wonderful skyscraper to make you western. The petronas tower are the 5th highest skyscraper in the world, but the city is one of the most dirty i've ever seen, you will hard find a taxi (teksi) that want to use the meter, they really love to stole you money without any kind of shame (at least in west the stole your proble, but in a smart way...). The only to things i loved of this town was the petronas, the batu caves, and my hostel, because i've found two nice friend. Actually now i'm in Jakarta flying toward Yojgiakarta in an amazing couchsurfing experience. Trust me Indonesia is another world! Jakarta do not want to be western, Jakarta can be not so beautiful, but is jakarta, with its own soul.

I made a reportage of this town, the picture that you can see is the first one. You can see all of them (not so many) here:

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