Tuesday, January 17, 2012

12 Gennaio

- Koh Tao -

It's not a photo that wants to impress you. This week i didn't take photos at all. Ok, just a pair.
So i choose this, also because it seems to me fair to celebrate this magic chain shop. If u are travelling in the southest asia, you will discover that the big cities are loaded of 7eleven and in thailand there is one in every corner. There are more 7eleven in Thailand that all USA. It's something that make you feel safe, always. In every moment you can find your beer,  your snack, water, sigaretts, lighter... 24h, always close to your place. It really deserve one page on my blog. If you are a traveller or a simple tourist and you've been in this side the world you already know what I mean: There are people with 7eleven t-shirt to show how much they love it. One T-shrt 120 bath. See you in.

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